Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Memorys of 2012

Well folks it been a crazy ride this past year and truly i have enjoyed 2011.

I decided i should share my tops for every month this year!
Starting with January, I have many things that I have loved this month and despised. I think that i will start with one of my favorite significant turns in my life. I had a call back to an audition for a four month mission in Nauvoo. Here i met great people and had a wonderful time singing and dancing and acting for a group of judges. Sadly I have no pictures of this event. However i wanted all to know i loved it. As sure as i was to be accepted i was rejected. Little did i know that my world would take a different turn than i thought i wanted. Cheers for the Beginning of a great year to come.

January-- Memory one
Starting the new year with my cousins! We all love eachother.

Some of my favorite memory of my childhood are with these great people!

We grew up almost like siblings because our houses were so close.  Sometimes when we all worked on the farm we fought like sibling but the love goes deep. 

February-- Memory two
This month brought some good times. Since I was off track i came to visit and came on a day that Daniel couched one of his games. (SO proud of my man). I remeber this day well because i milked at 2 o' clock in the morning and jumped into the car and came to Rexburg. Hench why i look a little tired. I have had so many wonderful people help me through college and life. All of these girls and Daniel (of course) have changed me for the better. Jessica Welch, Allison Hazard, Jessica George (Anthony), and Kandace Hansen. Love them all!

February-- Memory three
Daniel for my Christmas bought plane tickets to Philadelphia where his sister lives!  I was nervous partly because i never met his sister or her husband.  The other part was i had never been so far away with a man that I am not even married to! Everyone called it the pre-honey moon.  Just for the record i was still set in my ways that i was not going to get married before i accomplish some of my dreams.  Funny what love does to ya :)  Daniel and I traveled alot from Washington D.C, Philly, to New York.  It really was FUN! And everyday i just fell further in love with this crazy guy! (obviously still in the newlywed stage).

Here we are in New York.... and yes it was very COLD!  If i was to do it again i would have worn a coat.
This was a wonderful time in my life, still single so money isn't such a big deal and the only ones that matter is you and the one your with.

March-- Memory four
This is one of my favorites with all the main people of the farm/ heart mountain/ and of course the cows.  
People from bottom (l-R): Charlie, Spencer, Uncle Scott, Top: Uncle Lynn, Arley (dad), Seth, Adam.

 Welcome to my life with no makeup and free liven.
 This was some good times, we model farm.  Samual, my friend Branden and of course me!
To tell the truth this was a very difficult month for me.  I just wanted to be in Rexburg with all my friends and not milk stinky mean cows.  I milked at least three mornings a week, (so i woke up everyother day at 2 A.M.) and went out in Blizzards to go milk.  Thankfully those days are over for me!!!  But at the same Token i loved some of theses times! I love the farm.  This is something that i love, loved and will always love! George Farm! FAMILY!
    One of the things i will miss most is not working and having that one on one time with my Father.

Ok So that might be a little overkill but there you have it...  what i loved about March.

April-- Memory five

Well this month brought so many surprises! I roomed with lots of fun roommates! I was so glad to be back in Rexburg!   All my lovely Burnett roommates.  My room roommate (if there is such a word) was Jessica welch whom i especially appreciated.  She taught me a lot of good things that i will never forget. :) She one, taught me how to do my makeup better
two,  taught me more about the Gospel
and three, that it was ok to not make my bed everyday.  :) Don't hate me for that last comment! 

My roomate Allison is a Photographer and took many lovely photos of Jess.  (not hard to make her look good, she is so beautiful.)
May-- Memory six
May was fun and stressful at the sametime but I think my favorite memory loved making a garden at apartment 9. With Jessica Welch/ Porter/ my babe and of course i was there too.

June-- Memory Seven

Here we get into a roller coaster! Memory One: Tate Colby Jacobson was born to my Sister Mariah and her husband Colby on June Forth!  Love him so much!

Memory two: I was engaged two days later on the Sixth to the Love of my life!

It's ok i didn't think any of these pictures were cute either but they are what they are.

He asked me at 10 o' clock at night on a railroad track! He told me for the first time that he loved me and that he thought i was beautiful! He is to good to me. :)

July-- Memory eight

 Glad to have finals weeks over and failed a CLASS! Thats what ya get for being engaged in that semester.  Well I went to warms springs with Daniels Family but i have nothing to show for it.  I also had a family reunion! So many Babys, you put one down and then before you know it your holding another one!   There was about 200 hundred of us and it was CRAZY!! My grandmother has about 50 grandchildren and 140 great grandchildren.  8 children + Spouses and it all just keeps adding up!

This is just a small fraction of them and a couple of  my favorite people! 

August-- Memory nine

Of course my Favorite memory was getting married to the love of my life.  I love my in-laws and there sarcasm.  I never knew i could/ would be so happy!

Allison Oleson took ==> This picture and it was so fun! She has such talent.  My sister in-law Adri took all the other ones on our actual wedding day.  She has been so good to take all theses memory's for us.

September-- Memory 10

I love going to school and taking an antat and phys class.  In September i learned about the eye and ear other function!
I LOVE THE BODY!!! It was not just made but made by God.

October-- Memory 11

This was a hard and good month! this was the month I did the Best in my finances! I graduated from pre-amature to just an amature in finance's.

Instead of feeling like this guy ....... i felt more like this girl!!

As you can tell my life got really exciting after i got married.

Finances have always been a struggle but i beat uhm that month.. the rest of the time well talk about later.

November-- Memory 12

This was my Birthday month and my Beloved got me something i only wished about! As silly as it sound I got a heart rate monitor.  If you haven't noticed by now i am slightly obsessed with the Body! I love knowing how my body works and how good of shape i am in. (Just for the record..  not to good of shape)

December-- Memory 13

I love this month.  I love my Daniel more than when i married him.  I loved getting done with yet another semester.  We went to Wyoming and had Christmas with my Family.  It was wonderful.  I think my favorite part was seeing all my neices and nephews!

Ill post all i can of them.  I have four nieces and four nephews.. ( and one on the way)!

All in all i had a fabulous year.  the Lord has truly blessed me in abundance.  Not always in the way i expected but something much better than i could have ever hoped for.  


  1. Susie, I loved reading about your year!!! Thanks for sharing!! Keep it up!!

  2. What an EXCITING year! Love the post, you are a really good writer and story teller! Love you!

  3. Susie!!! I miss you so much!!!! I can't believe I have only known you for a couple of years... It seems like we have been friends forever!!! Love you girl!!!!

  4. You are awesome Susie, thanks for sharing your very fun year with us! Love you girl, I'm so proud of you and happy for you!

  5. yay for blogging! you should do it more often :)

  6. Reading your blog was a real treat!! You are still one of my favorite people in the whole world. I miss your cheerfulness and love of life. Thanks for being you and never ever think about changing.