Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My crazy beatiful life!

Knowing i am not a writer you may want to stop reading this now.  However, if you want to read a sweet story keep going.
Well i recently became engaged to the man of my dreams! I want to write our story of our friendship => dating => and now engagement!

The Friendship

I met Daniel in September of 2009 and thought he was so cute!  He had many friends and talked to everyone reminding me of myself in my own home town.  He lived in Apt#9 that had quite the rep for being fun!

 This was apartment 9 in the fall of 2009! All theses guys were my friends that semester!

I remember one time we to his shop for a Halloween party and he dressed up like "Mr. Incredible," while i was an 80's girl with a few of my friends.
This is Daniel and I, Sam Zitlau an old friend and My dearest cousin Jessica George! This is obviously Halloween just in case you didn't notice!

Just a few of our friends that semester at the Halloween party!  

This was at my surprise birthday party that 207 threw for me!! 
Apt #9 gave me a coupon for my birthday!  I could get one free date form anyone in that apartment! 

 Now you have to understand that i have never been guy crazy and never cared to much for guys.  I have hardly had a crush in my life just because i always thought... "all in good time.  There will be time for crushes later."  All through High school my best friends were guys and so i just figured that's how it would be in college.  Then i met Daniel Scott Johnson......  and i was smitten.  However he was never interested in me.  We had a lot of fun together but i was just another fun girl.  One of his friends he graduated with,  from high school married my sister.  Yes it's true Daniel and i are about four years apart.  So in his thoughts i was just the younger sister! Well needless to say i never went on date with Daniel Scott that first semester and i went home to for the winter semester.

Daniel had always promised me a snowmobile ride so when i came up in February to Rexburg he took me for one except......  it broke. Yes he took his snowmobile for one short spin with Porter and it broke down about a mile away.  I waited and waited and about 30 minuets passed.... i thought he had left me to stand in the cold all by myself with Porter girlfriend.  Then over the Horizon we saw two shapes walking towards us.  That's when we realized that his snowmobile had broken down.  needless to say i didn't like him then and it didn't matter that he just dropped me off a few minuets later.

Then in April i came back to school in Rexburg for the semester!  It was such an exciting time.  As usual a lot of my friends were guys and i spent time in apt #9 where Daniel lived.  He asked me on a date and we hiked up Rexburg mountain, now more commonly known as "R" Mountain. 

This is us on our first date!!
Funny i didn't like him more than a friend..... but of course we had fun!

Next will be the dating!